2019 Maker’s Bingo

A spot for me to keep track of my 2019 knitting and sewing personal challenge

Updated 4.07.2019

Updated 4.07.2019

Monthly notes

(Or thereabouts)


Heh. I’ve already used 2 of 5 Free Spaces in the first month. And I haven’t made a move on any of the projects that are on this board besides finishing up an unfinished pair of socks from 2018 that I wanted off my needles.


Two of the projects I’ve started will use up two more Free Spaces. I drew up this card literally less than a month ago and I’m already having trouble keeping on track! No wonder I couldn’t commit to the #2019makenine challenge.


Hey look, more Free Spaces used up. : /


And that’s the last of my Free Spaces.