I'm perpetually late for everything and when it comes to knitting deadlines (among other things), I am usually the hare and not the tortoise.  I can spend the entire season casually thinking about what I want to make and then I try to squeeze those projects in at the very last moment and rarely get to use them before the seasons cycle again.*

However, I was pretty good this summer in completing a silk tank top.  Granted, it's the only garment I have finished (knit or otherwise) this year but I started it in June and finished in July.  That is practically record time for me, and with room to spare, but I was extra motivated to be timely because this was a test knit for the very talented Simone A. of Temple of Knit.*  She has a beautiful sense of shape and texture but more than that, she has an eye for the little details that I think elevate a knitted object from handmade to handcrafted, so it was a pleasure to knit this project!  Thanks for including me in this little adventure, Simone!

Autumn is just around the corner and it might seem like the opportunity to wear this top has passed for the calendar year (in the northern hemisphere), but I plan on wearing my tank with a blazer or jacket when the temperature starts to drop a little and I can see this pattern knit in a soft wool as well.  I don't think this top needs to be limited to the hottest summer months!

In my Ravelry notes, I provided some detail about swatching a somewhat impracticable yarn (Colourmart 4/120NM Cobweb Silk). The upshot is, no one need use this yarn but I knew I loved it for this project, it was in my stash,** and I'm sometimes more stubborn than is good for me.

Also unusual for me, photos from start to finish (although I can only dream of taking photographs as beautiful as Simone's. Did I mention she has talents?):

Simone's pattern is now available for purchase through her website and through Ravelry:


*Many knitters might be familiar with this problem in the form of Christmas knitting. Speaking of which, I start thinking about Christmas knitting right about this time of year and yet, almost certainly, you will find me the week of Christmas 2016 casting on and feverishly knitting in a quiet corner.

**Using stash yarn was not a minor consideration. There are many yarn types that would look amazing in this design (as one can see from the projects already knit up by the test knitters on IG, #templeofknitpractice) and I would have loved an excuse to buy some Shibui Linen for this project but I made it through the Valley of Temptation. The size of my stash is not something I'm proud of so part of my rehabilitation from shopaholic to a more conscientious consumer is using up the things I already have in my possession instead of endlessly acquiring. It isn't always easy but my guilty conscience is a pretty effective check--with the occasional exception, recently. More on that later this week.